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High-quality Exhibitions Equipment Hire

We understand the importance of creating an impactful and engaging experience at trade shows and exhibitions. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of AV equipment to enhance your exhibition stand.

From high-definition displays and video walls to immersive audio systems and interactive touch screens, we have the tools to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions that align with your brand and objectives.

With our reliable and top-quality AV equipment, your exhibition stand will stand out from the crowd and effectively communicate your message to potential customers. Partner with us and elevate your exhibition presence to new heights.

Our Exhibition Rental Products & Services

TV Screens: Go for our TV rental services for events and expos if you’d like to feature creative TV advertising, product slideshows or brand messages that will not only connect with your visitors but will impact them emotionally.

Furniture: Use our exhibition furniture rentals, including chairs, sofa, display units and many others. Trade Fairs and expos usually have limited seating arrangements. By allowing your visitors to sit down and making them feel comfortable, you are extending the time they spend on your stall and leave with a good impression.

iPads: You’d be surprised to know how renting iPads for your exhibition could make your event more organised, sophisticated and successful. Gatherer leads data more quickly and without errors, creating a clean database. Offer virtual presentations, instant calculators and tablet kiosks and optimise your brand impression by broadening the solutions and offering personalised attention to customers.

Brochure Holders: A small utility can make a big difference. Placing a brochure holder strategically in your kiosk or exhibition stand can not only keep your fliers organised, but the “self-help” gesture often works for the better to get more copies picked up and streamline your outreach to genuinely interested leads, more receptive to conversions.

Touch Screen TVs: The bestseller item—touch screen TV rentals for exhibitions and events. You can add a host of interactive features, self-help information, gamification, product features, videos and a media wall to create immersive aesthetics and impressive experiences for your event.

Laptops: If you are attending multiple expos in one season, or you need to equip a temporary staff for your event, then renting laptops makes all the sense, instead of buying. Reduce the liabilities of travelling with equipment, and get it delivered to you right at your event.

Uplighters: Make the most of illumination and event lighting to enhance the allure of your products. Rent Uplighters from Cosrental and let us define the stance of aesthetic marketing for your event.

Printers: We offer a wide range of printers on rent for exhibitions and events. Create marketing and branding materials, client-specific presentations, freebies and lots more. Have the instant efficient printing solution to fulfil all your needs.

Why Should You Choose Cosrental’s Exhibition Rental Services

Investing in exhibitions, expos or trade shows is a costly affair for businesses. There is a constant demand for innovation and dynamism in building outstanding kiosks, booths and stands. At Cosrental, we help you excel in carving the thematic and aesthetic niche you are looking for.

One-Stop Solution: Get all the equipment and utilities you need to design your exhibition kiosk or stand. The all-in-one approach saves you a great deal of time, money, and hassles.

Practical Utility: Competitive pricing, straightforward process and nationwide availability of exhibition rentals make our exhibition rentals a practical utility with easy access.

Access to Sophisticated Exhibition Equipment: Add sophisticated elements to your booth or stand, as you can access top-notch products like exhibition lighting and touchscreen TVs very easily, which will help magnify your brand value.

Cost-Effective Plans: Do you think renting our products for your exhibition will be expensive? We have surprising plans even for small businesses and individual exhibitors. It works for everyone.

Nationwide Delivery: Since we offer nationwide delivery of laptops for exhibitions, trade shows and events, you can have our services on the go in multiple regions across the UK with a one-off plan.

Discover The True Potential of Cosrental Exhibition Rental Services To Attract More People To Your Stand

The first step to a successful exhibition is attracting people to your stand. Using our high-definition screens, you can successfully showcase your product to all attendees to ensure you generate the best possible leads.

The second step is keeping your target audience on your stand for as long as possible. Interactivity is a great way to keep potential clients on your stand longer. Whether you want to keep it personal with iPads or utilise our large touch screens, and really get your audience talking. These are just a few ideas to make your exhibition a total success.

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      Flip Chart Rental

      Specialising in events, conferences, exhibitions and meetings.

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      Laptop Rental

      Specialising in laptops for events, conferences, exhibitions and meetings. Nationwide delivery.

      PA System Rental
      PA System Rental

      Specialising in events, conferences,
      exhibitions , meetings and temporary offices.

      Photocopier Rental
      Photocopier Rental

      Specialising in events, conferences,
      exhibitions and meetings.

      Printer Rental London
      Printer Rental

      Specialising in printers for events, conferences, exhibitions, meetings and temporary offices.

      Printer Rental London
      Projector Rental

      Specialising in projectors for events, conferences, exhibitions and meetings.

      Screen Rental
      Screen Rental

      Specialising in events, conferences, exhibitions, meetings and temporary offices.

      Video Conferencing London
      Video Conferencing

      COS Rent 4 Events can help you manage your video conference and effectively engage your audience.

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      Whiteboard Rental

      Specialising in events, conferences, exhibitions and meetings

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