Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Projector and Screen for a Corporate Event

Nov 22, 2023

Corporate events require a lot of planning and organisation to ensure they are successful. Whether you’re hosting a product launch or awards ceremony, these corporate events are opportunities for brand awareness, networking and showcasing your capabilities. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that everything goes exactly as planned, especially when it comes to your pre-planned audio-visual elements.

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to hire equipment for their events, especially when working on a tight budget. There are several benefits to equipment hire, yet it’s essential to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs. If you’re considering hiring a projector and screen for an upcoming event to deliver engaging visuals, below we have listed some key questions to ask to make sure your event is a success.


Can You Meet My Event’s Specific Requirements?

Every event has unique needs based on various factors like audience size, venue dimensions and lighting conditions. Knowing your specific requirements will help you find a company that provides the right type of projector and screen. For instance, smaller venues may require short-throw projectors to save space.


What’s Included in the Package?

When you hire a projector and screen, you need to understand what comes with the package. Is it just the projector and screen or does it also include essential accessories like cables, remotes and stands? Having all of the equipment you need delivered to your event venue will save you from last-minute scrambles for missing items.


Is Technical Support Available?

Technical glitches are the last thing you want during a corporate event. Always ask if the projector hire company offers technical support. Some companies provide on-site technicians, while others may offer remote telephone support. Knowing what type of support is available can significantly reduce stress on the day of the event.


Will Installation and Set-Up be Provided?

It’s beneficial to know whether the projector hire package includes professional installation and set-up or if it’s a DIY task. Inquire whether experts from the company will be available on-site to install the projection equipment correctly. Professional installation ensures optimal functioning and can save you valuable time and resources on the day of the event.


What’s the Total Cost?

Pricing is, of course, a vital factor in your decision to hire a projector and screen. Hire prices can differ quite considerably from one company to another. Ask for a detailed quote that includes all costs, from hire fees and set-up charges to any potential extra expenses. This will prevent any nasty surprises and help you budget accordingly.


What Are the Terms of the Rental Agreement?

Understanding the terms and conditions of the projector hire is crucial. Ask questions about things like the duration of the rental, delivery and pickup logistics, and what procedures are in place if the equipment malfunctions. This ensures you have clear expectations, minimising the likelihood of disappointment or disputes later.


What is the Cancellation Policy?

Unexpected situations can arise, resulting in event postponements or cancellations. It’s essential to know the cancellation policy of the hire company to avoid substantial fees. Some companies offer full refunds if cancellations occur within a specific timeframe, while others may charge a percentage of the total cost.


Is the Equipment Well-Maintained?

You should always ask about the maintenance of the equipment you’re planning to hire. Poorly maintained projectors can have issues like distorted images or malfunctioning parts. Knowing that the equipment undergoes regular checks and ongoing maintenance can make a significant difference in its overall performance.


Speak to an Expert About Projector Hire in London

The success of your corporate event can hinge on seemingly minor details like the projector and screen you use. So, it’s imperative to ask these critical questions to help you make an informed choice when hiring a projector and screen for your next event. Here at COS Rent 4 Events, we can assist you with your audio-visual needs and we have a wide range of projectors available, ensuring your event is a resounding success.

You can turn to us in confidence for high-quality projectors knowing we supply brands that are known for producing a sharp image, such as Sanyo and Sharp. Our account managers and manufacturer-trained engineers will provide end-to-end assistance too, ensuring all things projector hire go exactly as planned. If you have any questions about equipment logistics, installation and support during your event, get in touch with us today. You can also find out more about the audio-visual products available to hire in London on our website.

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